Janaki Kuruppu

Janaki Kuruppu


Janaki Kuruppu took over the helm of the apex body for the regulation of the tea industry as its first female Chairperson in December 2011. Under her leadership, the Sri Lanka Tea Board went through a revolutionary change in structure, facilities, employee training and motivation and the overall approach to its role as the regulator and facilitator of the tea industry. One of the first things undertaken by her was to improve the operating systems in the institution with respect to human resources and IT. The institution was stuck in terms of lack of sufficient cadre and due to the lack of computer hardware and software systems that could perform the functions of the board efficiently and accurately. The board was finally able to fill most of its cadre which was earlier suspended by a court order and now the staff is given opportunities for regular training and subject to performance evaluations. For the first time in the history of the board, an outbound training camp was held for the junior and senior management staff in order to improve leadership skills and team building. On the development front, the B-Leaf 60 program was launched with much momentum and has attracted many factories to push the implementation of the program at their own initiative after seeing the positive impact on tea leaf quality and the prices obtained. One of the main problems she faced when she took over the leadership of the board was the numerous complaints on the quality of tea

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