Dulith Herath

Dulith Herath


Dulith Herath is the founder and CEO of Kapruka, a business that started with the simple idea of helping expats buy things for their loved ones in Sri Lanka. By setting up a rose flower farm, Dulith made it possible for expat Sri Lankans to send flowers to their loved ones at home. The success of the flower delivery service allowed Dulith to expand his business into what is known today as Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organisation with over 10,000 products and over 30 types of distinct services. Furthermore, Dulith opened up the Java lounge, a café franchise which is the first to offer Starbuck’s coffee in Sri Lanka. Kapruka’s success stems from innovations inspired by the company’s spirit of creativity which has set the standard for online business strategies and web based bench marks in Sri Lanka. Mitra has partnered with Dulith on several projects in the past, (e.g. Leaf, an energy monitoring tool) and hopes to maintain the partnership in the future.

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